Cleaning, care and massage of baby skin

Cleaning, care and massage of baby skin
This post was created in collaboration with midwife Vivian. Click here to read further information about midwife Vivian.
Baby skin – a sensitive cloak
Babies are born perfect little humans, but unlike adults, their baby skin lacks important protective functions.
Baby skin is different from adult skin because its top layer is about 20% thinner. In the first months of life, your baby’s skin lets through more moisture and dries out faster, making it more susceptible to irritation. These irritations can lead to inflammation due to pathogens, bacteria and dirt. Therefore, you should protect your baby’s skin from drying out with special care during this time.
Sensitive baby skin needs special care and protection in the first year of life. That is why it is so important to use baby care products that are tailored to the special needs of sensitive skin.
Care – soft skin, gentle protection
The ideal care products for sensitive baby skin contain a mixture of carefully selected ingredients. However, to ensure the best possible results, the products must be used correctly.

  • Creams and lotions should not be applied too thickly to avoid blocking the pores and causing skin impurities.
  • The diaper area requires special protection. A protective ointment prevents skin irritation, but should not be applied too thickly. Let your baby crawl without a diaper as often as possible, so that plenty of air gets to the bottom.
  • Bathing is better than washing. Moisturizing bath supplements prevent the skin from drying out.

Gentle protection for your Baby’s bottom
With every diaper change, this area must be cleaned and, if necessary, treated with ointment. The skin is particularly exposed to moisture and bacteria here – the result can be redness and skin irritation.
We recommend warm water and Care Oil for the day-to-day cleansing of this area. After cleansing, the baby’s bottom should be dried thoroughly. Should your baby’s skin show any signs of redness, you should apply an ointment which protects baby’s skin.
The basics of diapering
When and how should diapers be changed? What products do you need? Many questions asked by young parents that probably interest you, too.
Here are a few tips that can make diapering easy:

  • In the colder seasons, turn on a heat lamp above the changing table.
  • Remove the soiled diaper.
  • Gently clean the diaper area – either with a damp washcloth, an oily cloth or a special baby wipe. For girls, always wipe from front to back to prevent fecal bacteria from entering the vagina. When swaddling boys, do not pull back the foreskin, as it is stuck to the glans. Always cover the penis with a diaper or cloth. This will prevent you from being “peed on.”
  • Let the skin dry or dab it dry.
  • Apply a nourishing diaper cream if needed.
  • Put on a new diaper.

Never leave the baby on the changing table unattended. Therefore, it is recommended to store all the necessary products within reach and ready before diapering.
To protect baby’s skin from irritation and rash, note the following:

  • Change the diaper frequently, because dry diapers prevent skin irritation.
  • The diaper should not be too tight – it fits perfectly if there is still a finger of space between the belly and the diaper.
  • After cleaning the diaper area, let your baby’s skin dry well or gently pat it dry.
  • Let your baby kick and move around without a diaper as often as possible to get plenty of air to the bottom.
  • Zinc cream for babies can be applied to the diaper area to prevent rashes. The ointment protects the skin by forming a barrier against moisture and excretions.
  • If the redness doesn’t go disappear after three days at the latest, contact your midwife.

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